IPSHA Walkathon image

Each biennium, IPSHA nominates a charity for which to fundraise. This biennium our chosen charity is Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

The reasoning behind this choice is that while most of our schools offer service learning for their students that benefit local, national and international communities, I was of the opinion that we needed to develop a program where a double action was in place.  Our students are all on a learning journey to become informed and they are active global citizens who aspire to make a difference in their community. I therefore proposed a program that I believed would not only interest the students personally, but would also offer them direct benefits to their wellbeing. Importantly, it would serve to raise their awareness of Juvenile Diabetes, and indirectly benefit them by supporting a charity that relates to the wellbeing of children as a whole – an organisation such as JDRF. This organisation does wonderful work for children with Juvenile Diabetes, not only by offering support for affected families, but also with their ongoing research into finding a cure for this disease. Click here to find out more about JDRF.

The fundraising program I proposed has been accepted by each of the state branches and in 2016 will take the form of a Walkathon where each of the IPSHA schools and their students will have an opportunity to be involved.  By planning a Walkathon at their school, students can set a local goal of kilometres to ‘walk around the world’, perhaps planning to visit key places as they track their journey. They will be sponsored by family and friends per kilometre walked, and will therefore raise monetary funds for JDRF, and at the same time add to their own personal fitness and wellbeing.

The total amount of kilometres collectively walked by all IPSHA schools will be displayed on this website, and we will be able to track just how far around the world we, as an organisation, have trekked.  All monies raised will be donated to JDRF at the end of this biennium and will assist in finding a cure for Juvenile Diabetes, helping children such as Aliyah, who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was only 5 years old.  Read Aliyah’s story here.

So please start planning a Walkathon in your school community. Information on how to participate in this fundraising program can be found on this websitewhich was kindly developed by Inkubator.

Deb Dalwood

IPSHA Federal President.